Thursday, 21 January 2010

Is it normal to want to massacre people?

I'm forever fuming silently on the inside at people.. I was always brought up to think of others but it seriously infuriates me when others don't! How silly am I?
I get walked at all the time which is worrying for me as I'm considerably larger than most. At the moderate pace I walk at (lets say 4kph - or 1.11m per sec) I would generate about 1000Newtons of force towards a stationary object. Someone else walking along straight into me is going to get quite a knock back if I don't cave-in-and-be-nice! It's amazing how quickly people realise how stupid they've been when I start to not move out of the way... I honestly think sometimes people are doing it on purpose. My reasoning is that when I don't look at them by staring at the ground they always move out of the way - even if they've seen me see them.

Just how passive aggressive are people?

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Me and fekkin microscopes.


So this is where it all begins...

I'm playing about with millions of pounds of microscope (with lasers....) and it is actually quite easy.

Make cheese not world of warcraft