Thursday, 22 April 2010


Life hasn't gone so smoothly since I've been back...

the first funny thing to happen was the transport back from the Airport. I live in Wimbledon which is connected to the underground train network as well as normal overground trains. From heathrow this isn't too difficult. I thought... "Fuck it! I'm going to get the tube back home with a surfboard and baggage...." Which would have worked smoothly had the district line not been down at the weekends as per fekkin usual. Whilst at the station I'd beed to change to get to wimbledon which I obviously had to now stay on about a million people get on the train. If you can imagine, a rammed carriage at midday on a saturday in the most central part of london is not usually adviced. With 2 big bags and a 7'4" mini-mal surfboard it is just hilarious. Aside from some fairly hot girls chatting to me the journey was pretty embarassing and strenuous. I had to change at green park and get on the Victoria line to then change at Vauxhall for a train to Wimbledon. ha ha ha ha fuckin ha ha ha. It all turned out ok in the end. Maybe next time I gets me a taxi.

Initially I had been floating on the bubble of having got back off holiday and being excited to get back to work all refreshed. I had been super keen to see Sara and I thought life was going to be sweet. Bearing in mind I had been a bit peeved at not seeing her before I left for about a half a week with no more of an explanation than "I was tired". Thanks love!! So we meet up and it doesn't go so well that night but we manage to 'stay tethered' for about a day or two. I then get dumped by text on Monday morning... Thanks love!! the rest of the week I'm turning completely lame and eating too much like a love sick puppy. Then on Thursday I get a call from Sara who wants to know how I am. I state how I was still hoping we could have stayed together but had already made plans for the weekend. She says "Oh... I would have liked to come down with you..." which is an odd thing to say to someone you dumped by text not 3 days before. I then get a text after the call "I think I should come down with you this weekend" which I take to mean "I want to get back with you". I call her back and we discuss meeting up on friday night to chat things through. I'm not letting her come home to meet my parents after a week like this. All I feel like doing is go home and cry in my Mum's arms with all the confusion!!

Friday rolls by and in the end Sara couldn't meet with me as she had to go out with work for a birthday drink. It turns out I was about to go out and get hammered as after she can't meet with me I was at work having a friday afternoon drink which turned into a friday session. Which is followed by me getting the last train. Which I fell asleep on.... stood up. I even remember beign nudged by soemone saying 'this is wimbledon' as though they knew I needed it. I woke up in Stoneleigh. so I have to get a taxi home.. but then I decide to go out and dance at Poo Na Na's in W'don with a hip flask full o'rum and no sense what-so-ever.

I wake up and access I am not going to be able to drive so decide to tell Sara I'm about today. I scootle over to hers and make some breakfast. After this and about 3 hours of awesome sex (it really was awesome) we head out to town and grab a meal and a drink or two. I stay over at hers and everything seems to be going nice again.

What happens next is that I hear nothing from her for 3 days. So I wait for the first two days patiently and only texting or calling once per day thinking "give her some space... let her work it out for herself" by wednesday I decide to make a big mistake and put my status up as "I'm waiting to hear from someone" assuming that might grab her attention. It grabs the attention of a lot of friends and an onoine discussion ensues in which I say some nasty comments like "I should find someone else". This culminates in the first bit of comms in a half a week as "Not impressed at all". I respond with "Where have you been? Thought you might have been dead" The status slagging is not the Chennell reccomended means of getting a ladies attention but it does work very well. So we have a barney together and I try to get her out of my life. I say don't call me EVER, I won't answer... 5 minutes later she calls... I answer.. and somehow we manage to calm each other down and are talking again. This is then followed up by me getting convinced at 11:30pm on a wednesday to go over to hers. Could you resist make-up-sex with a blonde hottie? The reality is that I arrive at nearly 1am to a non-responsive phone and no answer at the door. I'd honestly thought I'd been had but as it turns out she had got drunk. So I have to put her to bed, then watch he vomit off the edge of the bed and clean it up. Great times....

I then get dumped by text again the following monday... again....This girl has a great way of making you sure she is pissed. To this I simply don't respond. Fucking Biatch!!!